in this generation, you can’t tell if someone is 13 or 18

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"Eric says you’re done," "What?" "He said you were out."

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Candor time

Anyone can stand in front of a target it doesn’t prove anything.

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I walk up to the edge and look down. Wind whips through my clothes, making the fabric snap. The building I’m on forms one side of a square with three other buildings. In the center of the square is a huge hole in the concrete. I can’t see what’s at the bottom of it.

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Marcus gets up. A vision of him whipping my arm with a belt rushes into mind when I see him, and my chest squeezes.

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"I throw my arms out to the side and imagine that I am flying… My heart beats so hard it hurts, and I can’t scream and I can’t breathe, but I also feel everything, every vein, and every fiber, every bone and every nerve, all awake and buzzing in my body as if charged with electricity. I am pure adrenaline."

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book meme | 3/10 series
↳ the hunger games by suzzane collins
"It takes ten times as long to put yourself together as it does to fall apart."

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